In 1962, six Wichita Falls families started a Sunday night home Bible study taught by Dallas Theological Seminary student Dale Younce. By early 1963, the families decided that God was leading them to begin a new local church and Grace Church came into existence.

Since Then

In 1968, Dale was replaced by Tim Temple, who was with us for ten years. At that time, we were meeting in the old First Christian Church education building at Tenth and Travis. As the Lord continued to bless us spiritually and numerically, we acquired a site on Cedar Elm Lane and, in 1973, moved into our first church-owned building. By 1976, we had grown to the point of needing a second full-time pastor, and Tom Rodgers joined us. Reggie Coe was added to our staff in 1978, and our team grew as needed in the years that followed.

The next landmark came when the tornado of April 10, 1979 destroyed our building. But God graciously provided a new facility—much larger than the previous one, and fully paid for by the time we occupied it in 1980. In the spring of 2004, we moved from our location on Cedar Elm Lane to our newest location on Stone Lake Drive in the first of three phases of our master building plan. We completed our youth facility on site in the spring of 2007, and began construction of the chapel in 2014.

From its beginning, Grace Church has contributed to the support of many missionaries both here and abroad. Several years ago, we began developing short-term mission opportunities as an important part of our ministry. In 2001, we began an annual mission trip to work with the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf and the Windsor Lodge Orphanage in Jamaica. In 2010, we committed to an ongoing global partnership with Asian Christian Academy in India.

Regardless of our location, the original vision of a local independent Bible-study ministry has remained intact, but has expanded to include the importance of living the Word out in our relationships with believers and unbelievers alike.